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Visual History of Formula 1

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The 2014 Formula One World Championship started up again on Sunday in Melbourne Australia and what a fantastic start to the season it was; it was dramatic, pulsating and thoroughly enjoyable.

Who would have thought that despite Hamilton sitting on pole, he would be the one to have technical problems despite Mercedes having an excellent car, which it turned out to be, as his team mate Rosberg dominated the race. You have feel a little sorry for Daniel Riccardo though as despite all Red Bulls problems, he finished an amazing second, only to later be disqualified. Finally of course it was a fantastic weekend for McLaren as they took advantage of that disqualification to finish in second and third.

If this drama is going to happen all through the season then I for one will be glued to my seat for what surely will be the most exciting season ever!

The guys at Toolorders decided that it wasn’t enough to just sit back and marvel at what is to be another fantastic season. They believe that Formula One should be celebrated and that is exactly what we they’ve done by creating an interactive Infographic which showcases Formula ones illustrious and action packed history.

You can check it out here.

In this interactive Infographic you will not just find your run of the mill facts such as when the first race was (1950, Silverstone) and that Ferrari are the most successful team of all time with 221 race wins. We also have some amazing and quite frankly, downright crazy facts like a driver losing 3 litres of liquid a race and that a driver can often experience up to face G’s of force. We hate lists, so this is all set against the back drop of a beloved formula one race.

So why don’t you jump into the race and join by racing through this exciting history of Formula One!

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