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There was a time when the average company car was issued as an eco sedan, usually in some sort of shade of grey. The company paid for its employee’s transport, therefore business sense meant offering the base model with diesel engine.

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This is still very much the case today, although companies can now take advantage of their generosity by wrapping them (sign writing) in their company’s logo. Whilst their employees are driving in and around town, the MD’s can rest assured their employees are providing free advertising.

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Car wrapping has never been so popular, even the top end supercars taking on various styles and colours, particularly with the rich and famous. Technology now allows for literally any image to be transformed into a large car-sized canvas. Once printed out, it’s carefully applied and then heated so it’s almost shrink-wrapped onto the vehicle’s body. The great thing is a wrap can be removed without damaging the existing paintwork, and it also protects the paint from UV rays, corrosion and scratches. Wrapping a car’s bonnet in a colour-matched wrap can also protect from those particularly prominent and annoying stone chips.

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The introduction of car wrapping has also led to other ways for cashing in on a business’s need to promote and advertise. Companies will now pay around £200 a month to people willing to agree to have their own car wrapped in the company’s advert – with the rising costs of running a car, this is an easy solution. If the ad is large and intrudes upon the windows a transparent vinyl is applied, ensuring driving visibility isn’t compromised. You don’t have to worry about the wrap causing any damage either, as insurance is provided should anything happen during the wrap’s placement.

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If a company is going to go down the route of expending their marketing budget on car commercials, a Commercial Car Cleaning outfit is a must and makes perfectly good business sense.

Maintaining an entire fleet of sign-written vehicles is no easy feat and the most important aspect of flying the flag for any business is first impression. If your advert is making the rounds in and around town as a dirt-covered, partially obscured image, first impressions suggest laziness and it comes across as unprofessional – if you were meeting a client in person, you wouldn’t go in a dirty suit with unkempt hair.

This method of marketing is a “Win Win” situation – the company benefits from cheap advertising and the owner of the company car or personal car gets paid for simply driving around, also protecting their car’s paintwork in the process.

(Journalist) – James is a published fiction and article writer from London (UK) with a serious penchant for Ferrari F1, anything with an engine, and English Pointers.