/BMW Z4 Punk Z by Carlex Design

BMW Z4 Punk Z by Carlex Design

PUNK Z 0 600x321 at BMW Z4 Punk Z by Carlex Design

Chances are this is the most unique BMW Z4 you will ever see. It is a work of interior specialist Carlex Design, known for their crazy ideas, and it is called the Punk Z because of the Steampunk theme that governs the design of every single feature on this car.

True to their genre of choice, Carlex Design has fitted the Punk Z with trim pieces made from copper, some of them untreated. Sure, the color, and also the design of some of the features like the door handles or speaker grilles, may creep some people out, but form a purely artistic point of view it is fantastic.

What we like most about BMW Z4 Punk Z is the attention to details. It wouldn’t look the way it does if the stitching on the leather and Alcantara seats were smaller, or if the rivets on the copper trims weren’t so pronounced.

Carlex doesn’t usually mess with the exterior, but in the case of BMW Z4 Punk Z they had to come up with a matching look for the body, otherwise it’d look silly. What they settled on is a matte black wrap for the body and copper for the roof, and a set of bronze wheels.


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