/Tesla’s Autonomous Charger Will Creep You Out!

Tesla’s Autonomous Charger Will Creep You Out!

Tesla autonomous charger 600x358 at Teslas Autonomous Charger Will Creep You Out!

They don’t openly admit it, but we are fairly certain there is a skunkworks sort of division within Tesla Motors where mad scientists work on futuristic technologies. Now we have something to support this theory with, as Tesla releases a video showcasing an autonomous charger they have developed which finds the charging port on your Model S and automatically hooks up to it.

You can make all the obvious jokes now (our favorite is that Tesla’s autonomous charger looks like an alien anal probing device), but this thing does somewhat creep you out. It’s probably the way it moves…

Apparently Tesla themselves are somewhat freaked out by their autonomous charger, because they released literally no details as to how it works and whether or not they are going to sell it to the public.

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