/Gallery: ADV1 Range Rover HSE

Gallery: ADV1 Range Rover HSE

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A car with Range Rover’s level of luxury and prestige is more than just a means to get from A to B. It’s a status symbol – a mansion on wheels, ban account with an engine, stuff like that. That is why we like this ADV1 Range Rover so much. Compared to the standard version, this thing is like a Visa Black Card compared a gift certificate.

And all it took for the ADV1 Range Rover to become so awesome was a set of wheels. Mind you, it’s not any old set of wheels. Those rims are ADV1’s high-end ADV005 Deep Concave CS measuring a staggering 24 inch in diameter and 11 inch in width. The car itself is white which is a pretty neutral color, but the wheels are finished in brushed gunmetal with polished aluminum lips, adding a bit more visual drama to the whole thing.

Still, if ADV1 Range Rover HSE is too sober for you and you want something with a bit more pizzazz, you should check out the Vossen Range Rover we featured a few days ago. That car was all about special color, both for the car and the wheels. We find this white one the perfect compromise between attractiveness and discreetness. It does let the onlookers know you are the man, but it doesn’t overdo it so as to make you look like a douche.

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