/Matte Deep Black BMW 7 Series Looks Menacing

Matte Deep Black BMW 7 Series Looks Menacing

Deep Black BMW 7 Series 0 600x352 at Matte Deep Black BMW 7 Series Looks Menacing

It is a known fact among car people that BMW 7 Series has a reputation for being the car of choice for successful drug dealers. Don’t know where this started and who first associated the car with the drug business (could be Jeremy Clarkson), but here we are. Now Impressive Wrap has come up with a wrap for this car that will reinforce that notion.

The Matte Deep Black BMW 7 Series iW has prepared for their customer here looks absolutely manacling, like it’s about to break your legs if you don’t come up with the money for that bag of H you bought from it yesterday. Not only have they wrapped the body, they also finished the wheels in sating black and added blacked-out detailing such as front grille and exterior accents.

Now, the deep black color iW has introduced here on this BMW 7 Series could very well become the new trend replacing the regular matte black as the most popular color for wrapping a car. It looks more luxurious than matte black which is frankly so overused, it is in danger of becoming seriously uncool. The deep black though, it looks refreshing, especially when mixed with gloss black.

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