/Custom Alfa Romeo 4C by RACE!

Custom Alfa Romeo 4C by RACE!

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One of the latest cars to leave the workshops of RACE! South Africa tuning center looking 110 percent better than when it had arrived is this handsome Alfa Romeo 4C. The Italian sports car has received a number of key visual upgrades in this treatment which add up to give it completely different look.

Alfa Romeo 4C is considered by some in the auto industry like a much cooler, much more prestigious Toyota GT86. After all, both cars share the same philosophy of performance through simplicity and lightness and focus more on the pleasures of driving something pure and delicate rather than putting their efforts into making obscene amounts of power.  And just the 86, the 4C is a ripe car for customization and personalization. Alfa gives you a pretty basic setup and it’s up to you to improve the car to your liking.

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So this customized Alfa Romeo 4C by RACE! serves as a good example of what can be achieved with a few strategic changes. All this car features include custom pained black wheels, matt mirrors, vinyl roof and lower front bumper with Xpel clear paint protection on the front end.These visual modifications go a long way in giving the sexy and luscious 4C a more aggressive and sporty appearance. This is more in harmony with the character of the car as a bona fide sports car with a taut chassis and a titillating exhaust noise.

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