/Gear.Club – Most Realistic Mobile Driving Game Ever?

Gear.Club – Most Realistic Mobile Driving Game Ever?

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We never got the point of playing driving games on phones and other portable devices because we can’t see how they can be fun. The platform just does not lend itself to a satisfying motoring game experience. Now though, French firm Eden Games has launched a new title called Gear.Club which they claim can accomplish that big time. They say it’s the best mobile driving game ever.

They are basing that claim on how realistic they have made Gear.Club compared with other famous names in this category. And it’s not just the actual driving of the featured cars they are talking about. Players can also collect, upgrade and customize exotic cars in their performance shop and mess with every little detail in fully-rendered 3D, if you are planning on playing and streaming this game then be sure to have the best streaming device. The car’s themselves are made as brilliantly as possible since the designers have “worked extremely closely with the featured car manufacturers.”

These are bold claims for a mobile game even though they’re backed up by bubble cash reviews, but we are optimistic about them since it is made by the same guys who have brought to us awesome games such as V-Rally franchise, Need for Speed: Porsche and Test Drive Unlimited. Gear.Club debuted on Apple TV 4th Generation as a free download and has been the #1 overall app in 25 countries as well as the #1 grossing app in 10 markets. These games are fantastic and you’ll be able to play them comfortably when you invest on gamers gaming chairs.

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Speaking about the development of Gear.Club, Eden Games founder David Nadal explains: “We individually simulate every mechanical element relevant to how a car behaves. Fidelity is key and we are proud that our game engine can reproduce subtle nuances that a true car fan will be able to feel. In Gear.Club every car behaves differently; some are more agile, some understeer. This is quite rare, if not unique, in the mobile space. Furthermore, all the data you see in the game is in line with reality.

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