/€20K Lamborghini Speaker Is the Ultimate Christmas Present

€20K Lamborghini Speaker Is the Ultimate Christmas Present

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The Santa in your neighborhood may only be good for a sweater or a pair of socks, but up in the rich parts of the town the fat bearded man in red hauls down the exquisite marble chimneys Christmas presents like this, the iXOOST ESAVOX Lamborghini speaker that cost €20,000.

Naturally, a speaker system that costs more than most families’ cars and some people’s houses is sold not at your local radio shack but through luxury car dealers. In the UK the dealer offering this extravagant, and frankly vulgar, gadget is luxury dealer group H.R. Owen.

As for what you get for you 20 grand, well, you get a kickass sound system with an output of 800 Watt wrapped in the shape of the rear apron of a Lamborghini complete with carbon-fibre chassis and shock absorbers as well as tailpipes. We love how the subwoofers are housed inside the air vents and the whole arrangement of bits and bobs in the exhaust pipes. Mind you, iXOOST ESAVOX Lamborghini speaker weighs 53 kg, so you can’t carry around with you trying to bring back the boombox trend.


Matteo Panini, iXOOST founder, said: Lamborghini cars are designed to thrill both the driver and those who see them. This is how I see Lamborghini’s style, and we have tried to follow this concept in the design of ESAVOX. It has taken 2 years to achieve this, following the idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini that “style follows instinct”; we believe we have achieved something really unique, where design and construction quality are combined in celebration of the Lamborghini legend.”

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