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Great Car Gadgets and Technologies!

Papago GS260 US Rear View Mirror Full HD Car Dashcam 600x267 at Great Car Gadgets and Technologies!

Sports cars look even more intimidating, mean and classy when you have a set of amazing gadgets to add to their appeal! Along with a glamorous exterior, why not add luxury, comfort and style to the interior of your sports vehicle too, making your driving experience a glorious affair? All you need to do is choose the right gadgets and then enjoy driving with ease.

There is a number of gadgets available in the market, designed to complement the style and need of different drivers. While some are simple yet necessary, others are more inclined towards providing the driver with a luxury driving experience like never before! Some gadgets can also be added later as additional luxury, while others come pre-installed in your new sports car, designed to offer you the driving experience you have always wanted.

Want to know about some of the most unique car gadgets in the market? Then read on…

Rear View Mirror Car Dashcam

The GoSafe 260 is a dashcam which you can fix to the interior mirror of your car to easily record your car trips without obstructing the view from your windshield. It is a great way of having fun and ensuring complete safety at all times.


UCONNECT is a gadget feature of the Alfa Romeo which ensures high end connectivity and multimedia functionality. This gadget can be operated with a single touch and comes with a 5”/7” touch screen which is fully coloured and has a voice recognition system. This gadget offers easy communication and all time multimedia access, adding more value to the ultimate sports car driving experience.

The ALFA D.N.A. is another gadget which is designed to ensure a pleasurable driving experience. This sophisticated gadget has a design which has been derived from a racing technology and helps to adapt the performance of the Alfa Giulietta to ideally suit the driving style and road conditions at any given time. Thus This gadget is the ultimate tool to ensure a smoother sports car driving experience which will take your breath away and keep you excited about the ride every time.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics has introduced a signal booster device designed to improve and dramatically enhance cell phone signals in your car. Now,you can drive to great distances and still enjoy easy connectivity with no worries.

The cell phone signal booster comprises of a complete car kitwhich has a magnet mount with antennae and a cradle for the phone.

Brake Light Decal

If you are a Batman fan, then you can make any hatchback car and its boot area look as glamorous as the front. How? By opting for the Batman brake light decal! It is made up of high quality vinyl and the kit comes with ready to cut instructions so you can choose a brake light in varying sizes. It’s the ideal way to add style to your hatchback car!

With these and so many more car gadgets to choose from, no matter with you’re looking for a special synthetic oil filter or a new bluetooth device like those you can find at scanneranswers.com, you can easily add value and comfort to your sports vehicle!

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