/6 Car Camping Tips for Your Best Trip Yet

6 Car Camping Tips for Your Best Trip Yet

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Are you planning to get behind the wheel and create some beautiful memories while enjoying freedom and convenience? Car camping can be a thrilling adventure, with the flexibility of a motorhome and the convenience of a hotel room. Below we share five tips to help plan your dream car camping trip.

1.    Bring hanging lanterns, or install interior LED lights

After a long day, you will want to get comfy in your car, but that doesn’t imply you’ll be going to sleep right away. Installing interior LED lights from XKGlow or bringing hanging lanterns can help to illuminate your interior for reading or other pre-bedtime activities. A lantern can also come in handy when nature calls in the middle of the night, or if you want to go hiking at dawn. However if you need to know more about best hiking experiences that you also want to explore, you may look at this Tongariro crossing carpark for your ultimate hiking guides and tips.

Are you craving to be in harmony with an unsplit natural environment? A good services like this private hiking tours NZ invites you to discover this earthly paradise on a private tour designed just for you so you can connect with the sacred land of New Zealand in a deep and privileged way.

2.    Carry your own drive-in movie

Watching a movie on your smart device is a great way to unwind after a long day of exploring or driving. Just be sure to download your content of choice beforehand, since you are likely to be in an area with poor network quality when you’re camping

3.    Plan ahead

With summer approaching, it’s time to have some fun. However, many things can go wrong when you decide to hit the road. Planning for the trip helps guarantee a comfortable, home-away-from-home experience. Find the best options at camper trailers Melbourne to enjoy family time safely. Map out your trip with clearly defined activities and have a contingency plan for any surprises, such as stormy weather. Learn where facilities such as coffee shops, shower stops are along the route. Techie Camper has plenty of guides to find your next tent campsite.

4.    Create a budget

Budgeting may be dull, but it gives you the freedom to spend within your set limits. In the case of camping, it is an essential tool that can ensure you don’t get cash-strapped mid-trip. Having a budget will also give the bigger picture of what to pack and what to buy on the road.

5.    Pack up enough essentials

Packing enough essentials will ensure you stick within your budget. Buying items on the road can prove to be expensive. You can avoid this by ensuring you have the basics at the beginning of your trip. Ensure you have enough water, and carry double what you need if you’re able, in case of a water shortage. You need to ensure your first-aid kit is fully equipped, along with packing food, fire starters, cooking tools, a little cash, toiletries, sleeping bags and pads, and tents. When packing, try to minimize gear and maximize functionality. Check your possessions for items that are multifunctional, and have them replace individual-use items. Also, try to pack items that fit inside of each other like pots, buckets, or basins.

6.    Prioritize your safety

Your safety is a priority. Locate safe campgrounds on your route for your stopovers. If they register guests, that’s an added assurance of safety. Ensure you always lock your car’s doors and keep valuables concealed.


Car camping can be a thrilling experience for friends and family. If you’re planning to go on a car camping adventure, following the tips we have shared will help you plan a memorable and stress-free trip.

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