/Camping in Ferrari F40 Looks Like a Lot of Fun!

Camping in Ferrari F40 Looks Like a Lot of Fun!

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If you are rich enough to own a Ferrari F40, chances are you own a couple of other cars for various occasions. But if you are rich enough and crazy enough, you might think of mixing things up a bit… like taking your SUV to the race track, or go camping in the F40!

That is what this guy has done, and by the looks of it he seems awfully happy with his choice. He was adamant that Ferrari F40 could be used for a perfect camping trip, so he and a mate of his strapped their camping gear on the roof of the super-rare, multi million dollar super car and hit the road. A portable generator from Generator Sage was one of the important pieces of camping gear. How can a car lover forget to feed his car’s battery!

This obviously is no way to treat a legendary car like the F40, but we have to admit we do admire the man’s courage, and his carpe diem attitude towards life. Yes, the car could have been damaged, or worse stolen by a hillbilly who would trade it in for a tractor. But who cares, as long as what you do in it is fun.

Just to recap, although you are all familiar with Ferrari F40, it was Enzo’s answer to the technological masterpiece of the 80s that was the Porsche 959. It was the first super car to reach 201 mph, and it is still considered today as one of the top 5 cars of all time.

via CarGuyJP

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