/8 Things You Should Consider to Protect Your Car During the Summer

8 Things You Should Consider to Protect Your Car During the Summer

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To keep your car in good shape during the summer, check the AC, air coolant, air filter, belts & hoses, battery, and always try parking in a shaded area.

The scorching heat of summer is upon us. Such intense heat can not only harm us but damage our beloved cars as well. Dust, grime & excessive heat are the usual hallmarks of summer that can affect your vehicle.

While you stay cool inside your vehicle during the scorching heat, your car endures all the unfavorable summer weather. This is why it’s important to attend to the conditions of your vehicle before the car starts to act up. Otherwise, you may have to pay a hefty amount for car repairing & maintenance.

We have put together a list of things you need to look after to keep your car in good condition during the dog days of summer. –

1. Tires

Tires are the most overlooked parts. We don’t necessarily check tire health until we get a flat. A regular inspection of your tires’ condition is important.

First, you need to check the tire treads. If the tire treads seem almost flat, then that means the tire has endured enough heat and is nearly worn out. So, you need to replace it immediately to avoid tire damage.

Second, check the tire pressure. If the pressure fluctuates beyond the optimum range, it’s bad news for you. The longevity of tires depends on wear and tear. With the excessive summer heat, the tires suffer wearing down significantly as the tire pressure is usually not so high.

2. Engine Coolant

The engine is the brains of your car. To avoid ending up a broken car in the middle of the road, always keep a close look at the temperature gauge. If the indicator is over the optimum range, you need to check the coolants.

The excessive heat of summer makes your engine work harder than usual. It is necessary to use quality lubricants to top up your vehicle so that you can tackle the extra pressure.

You need to top up the coolants with the right level & quality. Over time your engine oil depletes. So, make sure your engine fluids & coolants are topped up. If you are having any issues with the engine coolant,you can always look up Free Auto Repair advice by experts online and fix it yourself.

Open the radiator or tank only when your engine is cool. Otherwise, the pressurized hot vapor may burn your face or hand. So be careful.

3. Air Filter

Grime & dust can be very annoying during the summer. There’s a pretty good chance your air filters will get clogged with dust and grime. So, check the air filter once or twice a week to assess its condition.

Also, you need to keep an eye out for its lifespan. If your air filter has crossed its life cycle, you need to replace it immediately before the costs cause a headache.

It’s advisable to have a pressured can to clean the air filter. You can buy them from any auto-repair shop. Otherwise, do a monthly maintenance check-up to see if it is running smoothly.

4. Air Conditioning

AC keeps us cool inside the car. It is also one of the most used parts of the vehicle. So, a little know-how is crucial unless you want to spend a hefty amount on repairs.

In most cases, if you wait till the AC stops working, you will have to pay considerable amounts. That said, you need to check the evaporator & the compressor from time to time. If you notice any interruption in starting the AC, it may be because of leaks or dust clogging the system.

A pro-tip: Always lower your windows for a few minutes before starting the AC. Doing so will help the AC work efficiently as the inside of the car is much hotter than the outside temperature. Also, if the cooling time is unusually higher, check with your auto repair mechanic to see if the a/c system is working well.

5. Belts & Hoses

The belts & hoses are the running parts of your engine. These are made of rubber; therefore, in summer, it gets expanded because of prolonged heat exposure. Expanded hoses & belts affect your car’s performance.

If your hoses & belts have grown old, cracks can form. It may further cause leakage, which is the last thing you want to face. So, check for cracks or leakages in your hoses & belts before it’s too late.

6. Battery

Have your battery checked regularly in an auto repair shop for optimum performance. Because of the scorching heat of summer, the fluids inside the battery evaporate faster, resulting in the performance deterioration of your battery.

Although newer vehicles come with zero battery maintenance, they require regular topping up with distilled water from time to time. Another concerning factor is the corrosion on the terminals of the battery due to the hot temperatures of summer.

A corroded terminal will affect your car’s battery performance. Have them checked regularly. If needed, replace the battery or terminals.

7. Parking Considerations

Parking in a shaded spot helps keep your car cool in hot weather. Therefore, try to park your car in a shaded place even if it requires you to walk for a while to get there. Parking in a shady area has other benefits too. You save your car from being exposed to direct sunlight.

The prolonged exposure to sunlight causes the plastic components inside of your car to become brittle or rattle. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find a shaded place to park your vehicle. In that case, you need to look for fences or large trees to park. If you can’t find that, try parking beside larger cars to get some shade.

But, what if you can’t find any of these mentioned above? In that case, try to keep the window open for at least an inch for some airflow

8. Quality Sunshades

Last but not least, buy a quality sunshade because you won’t always get a shaded parking spot or garage. A quality sunlight blocker will also prevent harmful foreign particles that may rust your car’s metal components or overheat the engine.

Final Thoughts

Summer can be harsh on everyone and everything, including your car. You may think that cars are usually hot when they run, but the excessive heat of the sun can cause damage to several parts of your car, all at once. Consider the tips we mentioned above to make sure your car stays in excellent condition this summer – leaving you more time to enjoy the sunshine for yourself!

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