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When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

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One of the last things you might expect when running your daily errands is to be injured in a car accident, especially one that isn’t your fault. However, as unexpected as car accidents can be, they do happen, and it helps if you know what to do next. After all, depending on the result of the collision, you might even be involved in a criminal defense case. The following information may shed some light on the circumstances that could call for an auto accident attorney, so that you understand the best approach for your unique situation.

You Suffered Serious or Permanent Injuries

Contacting a car accident attorney in Houston can be crucial if any injuries you sustained in a car accident were severe, permanent, or required medical treatment. Hospitalization, treatment, time off work, and life changes can come at a high cost, which you should not have to bear for a situation that you didn’t cause.

An expert car wreck lawyer can piece together the facts of your case and calculate a settlement figure. If successful, this may allow you to manage your ongoing accident-related costs and any vehicle modifications due to disabilities with far less financial stress.

Your Vehicle Was Damaged

If you have suffered from injuries and your vehicle was also damaged in the collision, speaking to a car accident lawyer can be worthwhile. Not only are they proficient in calculating injury-related costs, but they can also factor any vehicle damage into the equation, as well.

Most modern cars built today have a crumple zone. This protects your body from taking much of the impact in an accident but can lead to a vehicle being declared a total loss. A lawyer can fight for your right to adequate compensation so you’re able to purchase a new car.

You Weren’t At Fault

Whether it’s obvious or simply just possible that someone else was at fault, contact an auto accident attorney for advice. They can work through the facts of the case and gather evidence to support what you believe may have happened.

Sometimes, it’s not always straightforward to identify the guilty party, which is why it makes sense to rely on the expertise of an experienced lawyer to view the collision from all angles. When in doubt, they can also call upon expert witnesses to strengthen your case.

A lawyer can even advise you about the importance of not admitting fault at the scene of an accident. Sometimes, it can seem like you caused an accident, but the evidence says otherwise.

The Settlement Offer Was Low

When fault clearly lies with the other driver, you will likely receive a settlement offer from their insurance provider. While it can be tempting to accept the first offer to close this chapter of your life for good, it may not be in your best interest.

More often than not, an insurance company’s first offer is not their best offer. It may not even be enough to cover the costs of your medical treatment, car repairs, and compensating for your time off work. Experienced lawyers can negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf.

Getting a lawyer involved in your car accident can seem scary, but it can also be necessary. Whether you’re facing severe or permanent injuries or you’re experiencing serious financial implications from your accident, seeking legal representation might be your best option.

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