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What to Do if Your Car Is Impounded Without Insurance

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If you can’t afford to get your car out of impound, it will be a difficult, if not impossible, process to get it out of the impound lot without proper insurance.

It takes paperwork, money, and a lot of patience to get a vehicle out of an impound facility. The process might be considerably more complicated if it was towed due to a lack of auto insurance.

You must not only pay the lot fees, but you must also get a policy and provide proof of insurance on the vehicle. If you don’t have insurance on your impounded car, you can find all your options for getting your automobile out of an impound lot below.

Is it possible to get a car out of impound without having insurance?

In most cases, it’s not possible to get your car out of impound without having insurance. If your automobile is impounded, you must provide the proper documents to get it out of the lot.

The documents needed to get your car back include your driver’s license, the vehicle identification number (VIN), and evidence of auto insurance. You’ll have to purchase auto insurance coverage if you don’t have proof of insurance before you can get your car back.

What happens if I don’t have car insurance proof?

When you don’t have a current, valid insurance policy on your automobile, find out if the impound wants evidence of insurance to return it. In certain places, a car’s failure to have insurance may result in its impoundment.

And to make matters worse, a gap in insurance coverage for any length of time might make it more challenging to get a new policy without raising your premiums.

It’s critical to act fast if you need to produce evidence of insurance to get your car back, but you should still compare prices rather than accepting the first offer you receive. To find the best prices, get at least three quotes from various vehicle insurance providers.

Will it cost me more to get car insurance after my car is impounded?

Various insurers focus on supplying high-risk drivers with coverage. Consider working with one of these carriers when you need a policy quickly, but expect to pay higher rates.

Most insurance carriers will provide high-risk drivers insurance policy alternatives, but they may not offer the same level of service as low-risk drivers.

Keep in mind that most impound lots charge daily fees for holding your car. Additionally, if you own a larger vehicle, like a Jeep or a Tahoe, some impounds may even charge you extra fees because it is bigger than a compact car.

So purchasing your state’s minimum coverage at a higher rate may even be significantly less expensive than keeping your car on the lot and paying the impound fees. The following are some general criteria for obtaining a vehicle from an impound lot:

  • Verify with the impound facility to determine whether you have to leave your vehicle there for a certain amount of time before you can get it back.
  • Sign your car release agreement.
  • Bring your identification and proof of ownership documents (e.g., car title).
  • Bring proof of car insurance coverage is required.
  • Bring cash to cover towing, impound costs, and any additional fees that may be incurred.

Although the information above is usually all you need to get your car out of the impound lot, you should always check to see if there are any further requirements before going.

Is it possible for the police to tow your vehicle if you don’t have insurance?

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Yes, your car can be towed by the authorities for not having insurance. Suppose a police officer pulls you over and learns you don’t have auto insurance. In that case, they’ll generally give you a warning, issue you a ticket, or have your vehicle confiscated for lack of insurance.

Fines for not having insurance can range from $70 to $3,000 depending on where you live and the court that handles your case. However, if a police officer discovers that you don’t have insurance after getting into an accident, you may face criminal charges.

In this case, contact and hire a car accident lawyer to prevent high fines and even jail time if the accident severely injured someone.

You must have at least a minimum level of liability coverage unless you live in a state that does not need vehicle insurance or permits drivers to drop coverage.

How to Get Insurance for an Impounded Car

If your automobile has been seized due to a lack of insurance, you must obtain auto insurance coverage. Insuring an impounded vehicle is pretty much the same as insuring any other car. You will need the following information to buy insurance coverage:

  • Personal data of any drivers using the vehicle: driving history, insurance history, date of birth, and driver’s license
  • Primary residence: where the car will be parked
  • Vehicle information number (VIN)
  • Lienholder information (if applicable)

You may have to pay more for insurance coverage for your seized vehicle. Insurance companies will be notified of your ticket for driving without insurance and your impoundment.

It’s also likely that you’ll be classified as a high-risk driver and forced to pay more for auto insurance.

How can I get my car out of impound?

Taking your automobile out of the impound lot isn’t as simple as calling a towing company and begging for its release. There are specific steps to follow and fees to pay, but the impound company can provide you with these exact details.

So when you know your automobile was legally towed, you should still request the release of the vehicle as quickly as possible.

According to the law, the ability to tow a car does not automatically establish the right to keep it. If you do not request the vehicle’s release, the storage facility may claim that you abandoned it or left it in their lot, and you may be charged storage costs.

Remember that you can’t get your vehicle out of an impound lot unless you get the owner’s permission. If someone other than the owner is picking up the automobile, they should be accompanied by the owner or have a notarized power of attorney signed by the owner.

You must have insurance because you must drive your automobile off the property. Legally, you’re not allowed to drive your car until it is insured in most states.

Having your automobile detained is inconvenient and overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you have a broad understanding of the process before the event, getting your car out of impound will go more smoothly and stress-free.

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