/Aftermarket Modifications That Boost a Car’s Resale Value

Aftermarket Modifications That Boost a Car’s Resale Value

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While one of the greatest joys of car ownership lies in being able to customize and modify your car, this also has a tendency to diminish its resale value, as modifications will often upset the balanced design intended by the car manufacturer’s design department.

Stock parts are intended to work seamlessly with each other. Modifying these will often cause many parts to function outside of their intended parameters. However, not all modifications have the same effect on a car’s resale value. In fact, some modifications may even increase it. Here are some of those modifications:

Leather Upholstery

Leather interiors are some of the most practical customizations you can add to your car. Leather seats are often found in higher end trims which also directly impacts the impression on a car. However, it’s important that you get your leather upholstery from reputable businesses like Katzkin leather seats to ensure that the quality is up to par.

Alloy Rims

Lower-end trims often come with steel rims, which are heavy and ugly. Alloy rims are lighter, more durable, and are also almost more aesthetically pleasing than their steel counterparts. Lighter rims also means your cars will need to use less braking power, thus lowering the wear and tear on your brake pads. You may also want to invest in performance tires to complete the overall look and feel of your wheels.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Most people these days prefer to listen to a streaming service instead of the local radio station. Not only this, but bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity will enable your phone to integrate with your car by allowing drivers to receive and make calls without having to take their eyes off the road.

It’s also a great addition to have on long trips as people will often want to use the internet. This also makes apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps integrate nicely with your car as a means of navigation.

Rear-View Cameras and Parking Sensors

Rear-view cameras and parking sensors are a standard feature that most drivers want on their cars. These technologies help mitigate the risks involved with parking and they help drivers park in tight spaces. Parking sensors also help warn drivers of obstructions that are out of their line of sight. The best part about this is that these features are readily available in the aftermarket.

OEM Body Kits

Body kits are usually discouraged because they interfere with a car’s intended aerodynamics. However, official body kits are built to spec to fit the car they’re meant for without introducing drastic changes to the car’s aerodynamics. Some official body kits include Honda Modulo kits, Honda Spoon kits, Toyota TRD kits, and Toyota GRS kits.

All these upgrades are worthwhile, not just because they are among the things savvy people look for in used cars, but also because these upgrades will immediately benefit you as their currency owner. If you’re looking for ways to mod your car without hurting its resale value, these are your best options.

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