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Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000


Prior Design has been working on some high-end cars lately such as the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, which is without a doubt one of their finest creations to date. Now they have also added an EV to their portfolio with the Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000.

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Tesla Model X by Vilner

Vilner Tesla Model X-0

The now world-famous Bulgarian tuner Vilner wants to prove they are in tune with the time by working on this, a 2017 Tesla Model X P90D electric SUV. Thing is, judging by what they have done to this inside and out, they seem to be ahead of the time in some aspects, even if they […]

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Electric GT Championship on Track for 2017 Debut

Launch Electric GT

The moderate success of the Formula E series has given confidence to a bunch of optimistic green car enthusiast to launch another electric car racing series. It’s called the Electric GT Championship (EGT) and it will debut in 2017 for a seven-event season.

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Rendering: Tesla Model S Convertible

Tesla Model S Convertible

Sometimes independent designers come up with something that astounds even the manufacturer whose car they have digitally manipulated. We are fairly certain that is the case with this Tesla Model S Convertible. Elon Musk is probably devising a plan now to turn this idea into reality.

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Build It Now: Tesla Model S Coupe

Tesla Model S Coupe

Each week we get tons of renderings from talented independent designers, and while they are often pretty good most of them are nothing but flights of fancy with no real-world value. But every once in a while we stumble upon a rendering that is too good not to be built, and this Tesla Model S […]

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Will.I.Am’s Custom Tesla Spotted in Beverly Hills

Will.I.Am Custom Tesla

As the leading Black-Eyed Pea, rapper and entrepreneur Will.I.Am sees himself as a bit of a visionary. He has made himself a number of custom vehicles and has collaborated with many brands for the design of their products. That’s actually the interesting part of this man’s story, because on the evidence of what you are […]

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Tesla Minivan Renderings Emerge

Tesla Minivan-1

It seems like the public is more eager for Tesla to expand its lineup and come up with more variants and body styles. We saw a demonstration of this eagerness with the huge number of orders the new Model 3 scored. Now it seems people want not just a Tesla pickup but also a Tesla […]

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Tesla Announces P100D Pack for Model S and Model X

Tesla P100D

One of the cool things about electric motors is that they are fairly easy to upgrade and make more powerful, at least compared to an internal combustion engine. Exploiting this advantage Tesla keeps surprising fans with more potent drivetrain options, with the latest being the P100D 100 kWh pack which delivers hyper car performance.

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For the Environmentally Conscious Redneck: Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla Pickup Truck-1

One of the good things about electric cars is that they have compact and modular underpinnings, which means you can take the same chassis and powertrain and bolt them to many different types of bodies without too much hassle. That’s probably why Elon Musk is entertaining ideas about a Tesla Pickup Truck.

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Matte Blue Tesla Model S by GMP Performance

Matte Blue Tesla Model S-0

Those who want to help saving the planet for future generations but want to do it in style will be delighted to know there are tuners who share their aspirations. One of these tuners is GMP Performance and they recently finished a Matte Blue Tesla Model S which looks absolutely sick.

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Office-K Tesla Model S Goes Chrome

Office-K Tesla Model S-Chrome-0

As you may recall earlier this year we showed you this very Office-K Tesla Model S with its Forgiato wheels as a good example of what a tricked-out Tesla could look like. Now the car has received a bunch of other modifications, some good, some not so good. So let’s check it out.

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Super SUV Battle Royale: Tesla Model X v Bentley Bentayga

Tesla Model X v Bentley Bentayga

In the latest and best episode of their Head 2 Head web show the boys from Motor Trend has pitted two of the greatest SUVs the world has ever seen up against each other. It’s the technologically marvelous Tesla Model X P90D versus the big, brutish, and kind of old-school Bentley Bentayga.

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Office-K Tesla Model S Gets Forgiato Wheels

Office-K Tesla Model S-0

Eccentric Japanese tuner Office-K has got their hands on their first Tesla Model S and, uncharacteristically, decided to take it slow and begin with a light treatment. So OFK Model S receives for now jus a set of wheels. But they are no ordinary wheels.

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Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Seems Like a Good Idea

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback-render

Tesla caused quite a stir in the auto world last month by unveiling a groundbreaking new model that’s supposed to finally make good their promise of mainstream electric motoring. The Tesla Model 3 then went on to become a sales sensation with several thousands pre-orders recorded in a few weeks.

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Spotlight: Custom Tesla Model S

Custom Tesla Model S-0

When Tesla revealed the new-look Model S, which is strongly influenced by the X and 3 models, we thought it’d drive away many of the existing customers. Turns out the majority of them actually like a weird design, on the evidence of what’s been done to this custom Tesla Model S from Hong Kong.

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