/Mercedes F700 in Abu Dhabi

Mercedes F700 in Abu Dhabi


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Well, we are used to see rare, exclusive, one-of-a-kind whatever you name it vehicles in UAE,like the first ever production Reventon in Alain Class Motors for sale!, but this one, is simply awesome! This is F700 CONCEPT for crying out loud ! According to web, this car belongs to biggest boy in town, ruler of Abu Dhabi. I just cant get it why would he want one of these?!?! The obvious answer is becuz HE CAN! yea, but this is an eco-friendly concept car with a hybrid diesel engine which is unbelievably ugly and literally useless!and why Mercedes would sell a concept in the first place?!  well I don’t mention the price becuz it’s not an issue here, really!

Anyway, here it is… What’s next??  the Batmobile ?!


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