/2009 Honda Civic facelift Revealed – Where’s the Facelift?!

2009 Honda Civic facelift Revealed – Where’s the Facelift?!


2009 honda civic facelift 4 at 2009 Honda Civic facelift Revealed   Wheres the Facelift?!

Car makers have become lazy, all of them. They just put a new grille on an old car and call it new model. This is their idea of facelift then they wonder why sales slumped! Honda actually took it to the next level by not changing anything but grille and tails lights.  They just couldn’t be bothered.Here’s the most ridiculous one : Inside they used a different texture for plastic parts!! Oh man, well done!

fortunately engineers are less lazy than designers, so they’ve come up with a new version of 1.4 litre engine with added 20 hp, now producing 100 hp. Great achievement boys!

And…. well, That’s all! New Honda Civic…

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