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Aston Martin Revealed Details on One77

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Dr.Ulrich Bez, Aston’s boss, has talked a little about the upcoming super star one77. First of all, he denies any form of beef with Bugatti Veyron! “It’s not all about power or being in a performance race with Bugatti,”  said Bez. He added “It’s a fabulous, hand-built car that’s the pinnacle of what Aston Martin can achieve.”

So, details:  Apparently one77 is actually shorter than a DB9. It measures at 4576mm long, 1223mm high and 1990mm wide. Yes it’s almost 2 meters wide! “Although the One-77 is two metres wide, it’s still got a lot of form in the shape, the waist is in and out, which gives it a very dynamic and elegant look,” said Bez. 

The car weighs at 1500 kg, while much lighter than something like Mclaren Mercedes SLR, it is not feather weight either. It has carbon made body with handmade aluminum panels. As mentioned before, It comes with a V12 7.0 litre engine which a development of Aston’s current 6.0 litre. 700 Horsepower is not assured yet, but it delivers in this criteria with almost 520lb ft. Performance figures are not confirmed too, but Dr.Bez says that 200mph is actually “unavoidable”!. Cool comment!

There is not a picture of interior for the time being, but it will be highly customizable by customers and comes with an all new dashboard with loads of new electronic gadgets.

Aston Martin one77 is priced at at £1.02m.

see more pictures of Aston one77 : HERE

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