/Israeli And Palestinian Drivers Race For Peace

Israeli And Palestinian Drivers Race For Peace

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When stupid Politicians get stuck and can do nothing but conversating their a## in meetings, people stand to their feet. Rasheed Nashashibi, Palestinian and Israeli Aric Lapter are forming a racing team so send a message to middle east and the world, We can do more than fighting!

Rasheed is Palestine’s Karting champion and is developing his career outside homeland but still coaching young domestic talents, and Aric, beside his wide Karting experience, is the designer of Formula VEE car as a project of his mechanical engineering course at Tel Aviv University.  These guys are forming a motoracing team together to show that Palestinians and Israeli people can do much better when they collaborate than when they work against each other. Although Motorsport being an expensive niche, they have a very long way ahead to actually get somewhere, but you can help them a bit by donating their project. Visit Racing4Peace.com for more info.

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