/Jeep J8 – Product of Arab-American Alliance

Jeep J8 – Product of Arab-American Alliance

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Chrysler is sinking gradually these days, and if  a good buyer doesn’t appear soon things can get really ugly for them, However there are some unique icons in the company that just cannot be taken for granted. The Jeep brand itself has a glorious history which alone worth more than all of Chrysler’s recent rubbish products, and as experts of business say it is the only valuable thing remained  in the big C, so an Arab-American company decided to take this out of the sea and give it a re-birth in form of J8. Yes it s almost entirely the same old Wrangler, but you don’t wanna mess with a good thing.  Jeep J8 comes with a new 4cylinder diesel engine with 158 hp and 295 lb-ft. torque. The unique structure of this thing, even while stands still, promises off-road capability like nothing else.

So, it feels good to hear that Economy Tsunami cannot take all of things we love away, There are still enough nice guys to come up with solutions. Solutions that big companies with all of their funds cannot arrive at. I just wonder, if a small company can re-launch a brand, why can’t Chrysler itself?! That brings us to conclusion that the constant downfall of company in recent years is exact result of managerial ignorance!

source: CarConnection

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