/FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

sl 12 1 800x600 at FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

If the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black with 670 hp doesn’t phase you enough and you want more power and more luxury, then this FAB Design SL65 with a 100 extra horsepower and a bodykit that unlike most of FAB’s kits is handsome, is the car for you!

Since it’s a custom made vehicle there is no official info about it, only the engine specs are known for the time being, and that’s enough! Because that is the most important part of it, the rest of the car is a typical Fab Design job.

sl 3 800x600 at FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

Modified front and rear bumpers with bigger air intakes,  a new diffuser with bigger exhaust mufflers, crazy side air vents, custom grille, Fab Design wheels and of course those magnificent slashes on the body which looks like it’s being hit by an axe!

sl 15 800x600 at FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

The interior too, is tailored based on order, so while the red leather and carbon fiber trimming in this car really matches the white paintjob, other cars would be different.

sl 21 800x600 at FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

As for the engine though, It’s a 6 liter (5.98) V12 Bi-turbo which FAB engineers somehow managed to find another100 horsepower in it! It is now developing 770 horsepower! This is madness! Even though it uses the Merc’s 5-speed auto transmission which is known for tolerating gigantic amount of torques, still, how it’s going to put down all that power! We guess that the handling will be business as usual, blisteringly fast in the straight  but then completely outta control in the corners! You know what, that’s fine for this car because, whoever buys it, is not going to attend track days with it. He only might use this power to out accelerate his mate in his Ferrari at the green light! and that’s about it!

sl 24 800x600 at FAB Design Mercedes SL65 with 770hp!

This is the car number 001 of this limited edition series that has come to UAE, where else could it go afterall?!

Thanks to Al Ain Class Motors

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