/From Dubai again: Golden McLaren SLR

From Dubai again: Golden McLaren SLR

gold slr 2 at From Dubai again: Golden McLaren SLR

According to a wise man, the size of your ‘thing’ is inversely proportional to the flashiness of your car, so you can imagine how’s life with the owner of this ostentatious McLaren Mercedes SLR! Oh it’s worse than that! It’s not real gold plated, it’s just foil… Oh Dear!

What was exactly the problem with the original car?! Of course in Dubai where the number of SLRs are greater than cabs, if you want to stand out in public you have to do such things, like chrome paint jobs or gold plated body. For those less fortunate though, a new trend is growing fast in Dubai and that’s the foiling! They cover your car in every imaginable thing you desire through foil, so when you realize how much of a cock you look when you drive such thing around you can easily remove it!

The SLR worth about $400 K, foiling is not cheap either, and the plate number on this SLR is hugely expensive, so the guy has literally spent about a million dollar on his car to advertise around that… 🙂

God I can’t imagine how embarrassing is this golden SLR to be seen in.

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gold slr 3 at From Dubai again: Golden McLaren SLR

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