/Renderings: 2011 MINI Speedster

Renderings: 2011 MINI Speedster

2011 mini speedster 11 at Renderings: 2011 MINI Speedster

After the Cabrio, Clubman and Crossman this Speedster is going to be the latest variant of the lovely MINI. And you have to say it’s the most desirable one as well! Its simple two seater roadster layout even in the pictures screams sheer driving pleasure! Mazda MX5 now needs a survival plan!

The car looks just right for a MINI Speedster!  It is already a classic design. It’s wider than the normal MINI and with those flared wheel arches, it has the sporty character it needs. Designers, mercifully, kept it simple and straight forward, rather than garnishing it with useless elements it doesn’t need. The fabric roof is a prime example of this, they could give it a folding metal one, but it’d ruin the luggage space and add weight, and weight would ruin the handling, ride and all the joy. Unlike the MX5 however, Speedster’s roof is electric.

The speedster will be built upon the Cabrio platform, that keeps the production costs low and that means the car will be reasonably priced. And it has to be reasonably priced if it wants to become popular. And hopefully it’ll get a heart good enough to live up with its great body. They wouldn’t let the whole thing down with a rubbish engine.

The MINI Speedster will hit the streets in 2011 with prices around £2,000. It’ll certainly be a huge hit!

2011 mini speedster 2 at Renderings: 2011 MINI Speedster

source: AutoExpress of course!

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