/Mercedes E63 AMG: 105,000 Euros for 300km/h

Mercedes E63 AMG: 105,000 Euros for 300km/h

e63 amg launch at Mercedes E63 AMG: 105,000 Euros for 300km/h

The jaw-dropping new Mercedes E63 AMG is eagerly waiting for its launch to take the market by storm and teach a good lesson to all of them sports saloons out there with its 525hp rumbling V8, which is the most powerful amongst its rivals and is also the most powerful E-class ever made. Now Mercedes has just announced its European price and, well it’s a bit high!

But then it should be, because this is a lot of car. Its 6.2 liter normally aspirated V8 is capable of 525 hp and 630 nm of torque which can take you from zero to 100 in 4.5 seconds in absolute comfort and while the other rivals stops at 250 this E63 keeps going right up to 300 km/h. Of course removing the limiter is an extra option which you have to ask for, but hey!

The car is also lighter, nimbler and more agile than the previous model, you get three settings (Comfort, Sport and Sport plus) for the electronic suspension, so handlingwise it’s almost there to be as good as a sports car, given the weight and all the luxury onboard. Also  because of this lightness and with help of other fuel saving technologies, the E63 is one of the most economical cars in this segment. It averages 12.6 liters per 100km/h which is fantastic considering the performance it delivers. You can order the same sort of ceramic braking package they use for the SLR supercar  for E63 which are so powerful that it hurts more braking than actually having the accident you are trying to avoid!

Already there is a huge demand for this car and people are queuing up to put their name down to get one, but it won’t hit the showroom floor until August with a price tag of 105,791 Euros.

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