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Side view mirrors used to be simple and were bulky looking but functional. They just served one purpose and that is to let the driver have a glimpse at his rear from the side. It guides the car driver in parking and checking out if there is a car about to pass him from the side. In those days, the bigger the mirror, the better it is to see what’s behind and at your side.

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Currently, big side view mirrors are still seen in big, sedan SUV’s and pick-up trucks but they have gotten a sexy facelift. Now car mirror’s come in different, sleek, and sporty designs that are usually color coded to fit the overall color of the car.

They are also much smaller and are designed aerodynamically so as not to cause wind resistance for the vehicle. Driver’s can adjust their mirrors from the console using power switches which makes for convenience in adjusting the mirror without touching it. Power mirrors give you the style, convenience and safety all in your fingertips. It is the way to go!

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