/Speeding Mercedes SLS Driver Fined $1 Million!

Speeding Mercedes SLS Driver Fined $1 Million!

Mercedes SLS AMG impounded at Speeding Mercedes SLS Driver Fined $1 Million!

Switzerland must be the worst country in the world for motorists! They have no toleration of speed at all, and here’s the proof. This Mercedes SLS you see here is impounded because it was caught speeding on a public road with speed limit of 75 mph. Why they have taken it in you ask? Well, as a kinda guarantee so the driver will pay his fine. How much is the fine? One Million USD! The driver, who apparently has balls made of steel, was cruising at 180 mph (around 290 km/h) as he was hunted by the Police speed traps.Tough break big guy!

Americans who have been sent to jail for speeding, be grateful!

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