/2014 BMW Z2 Details Emerge

2014 BMW Z2 Details Emerge

z4 at 2014 BMW Z2 Details Emerge

More and more car makers are working on small, relatively inexpensive sportscar these days. BMW is readying the Z2 roadster for 2014 launch.

Initial reports about this BMW indicate that it will be a pure sportscar with the traditional recipe of compact size, soft top, light weight, and rear-wheel-drive (some say it’ll get a new 4WD system). And above all, it’ll be affordable. Think of it as a baby Z4!

BMW Z2 will rival cars like Mazda MX-5 and the new Honda Beat we’ve just been talking about. We hope it will be a proper RWD car. A 4WD sportscar might have more grip and traction, but it definitely won’t be as much fun as a well-sorted rear-drive car.

As for the engines, the Z2, which will be part of BMW’s new 2 Series, will share its powertrains with the 1-Series. In that case, the most probable candidate to power the the Z2 would be the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol but with different levels of output.

Technically the car will be brilliant. But given the new 1 Series, we are not sure it’s going to be a looker!

via: Carmagazine

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