/Siemoneit VW Golf R With 530-hp!

Siemoneit VW Golf R With 530-hp!

Siemoneit Golf R 1 at Siemoneit VW Golf R With 530 hp!

Siemoneit Racing has got a bit carried away with the idea of a hot hatchback, and came up with a 530-hp package for the Golf R.

Well, realistically they offer 355 hp with the conventional package, but they say they can modify the R’s turbo engine in a way that it makes 530 hp. The thing is, even if they manage to squeeze that power out of that small engine, it’s going to be unusable. 500 hp in a hatchback is gonna be dangerous!

355 is still a lot though, especially as it’s accompanied by 485 m of torque. That’s achieved by using new ECU mapping, exhaust sports, and high-performance air intake system.

Siemoneit has also made a carbon fiber bonnet for the car which does shave a few kilos off its weight, making it more sprightly.

ECU Modification:                         698€
DSG Modification:                        298€
Exhaust System:                           1749€
Intake System:                               449€
Center Intercooler:                      1199€
High Pressure Fuel Pump:          499€

Siemoneit Golf R 2 at Siemoneit VW Golf R With 530 hp!

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