/Yo Auto Revolutionizes Car Doors – Video

Yo Auto Revolutionizes Car Doors – Video

yo auto doors at Yo Auto Revolutionizes Car Doors   Video

No, we’re not making it up. There is indeed a Russian car maker actually called Yo Auto. And its funded by Homie and Dawg!

It’s not really, we made that part up. Yo Auto’s contribution to the world of cars are a new type of doors which as you see in the video below, are insanely vulgar. Not sure what was the problem with normal doors.

Of course, they would look cool on a supercar or something, but on this particular car which has the profile of a Toyota Prius, they look ridiculous.

What’s more, they must be stupidly complicated to build, and in case of a crash, doubly hard to repair. They’re cool to watch though, check them out:

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