/BBR Mazda MPS Gets 350 bhp

BBR Mazda MPS Gets 350 bhp

Mazda 3 MPS by BBR 1 at BBR Mazda MPS Gets 350 bhp

British tuner BBR announced a new power package for the MPS versions of 3 and 6 models, with up to 350 bhp output.

The MPS Mazdas are among the hottest cars in their segments with a 2.3 liter DSI turbo engine developing 256 bhp. With BBR kit the Mazda3 MPS (MazdaSpeed3 in America) now turns into something that can rival the mighty Ford Focus RS.

The BBR Starchip system, which can be tuned for different outputs and conditions, churns out 290 bhp in its Phase One and also makes 330 ft/lbs of torque. Priced at just £549.00, this kit takes two hours to install.

The Phase Two is a bit deeper. The MPS’s standard, airflow restrictive turbo inlet hoses are replaced with high flow, cast aluminium/silicon versions specifically designed to withstand higher boost levels without deformation. To optimise inlet flow and provide superior filtration BBR replaces the stock paper airbox element with a high flow performance filter.  The result is 318 bhp (320 PS) and 370 torque.This one costs £1645.00, with a fitting charge of £395.00

For the full fat Phase Three, BBR offers two turbocharger upgrade options in addition to its Phase 2 conversion. As part of these more radical enhancements the standard Mazda top mount intercooler is replaced with a BBR designed front mount intercooler that greatly improves cooling efficiency and air flow whilst removing the inherent heat soak of a top mount intercooler. This one has no preset price becasue it’s indivually tailored to each car.

BBR also offers performance exhausts and spring sets, as well as Koni adjustable dampers for Mazda3 MPS.

Mazda 3 MPS by BBR 2 at BBR Mazda MPS Gets 350 bhp

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