/Alfa Romeo 4C Details Revealed

Alfa Romeo 4C Details Revealed

AlfaRomeo 4c at Alfa Romeo 4C Details Revealed

The Alfa 4C, as you know, has been green-lit for production by Fiat’s top brass. Here we have a few details on the actual car.

The 4C name suggests it is half the car the 8C supercar was, but these two are in fact from different planets. The 8C was just about the looks. It wasn’t built with much care and it’s V8 was anything but fuel efficient. It also had a mahoosive price tag and limited production numbers.

The Alfa 4C is more of a proper sportscar. It still sports a hefty price tag of around 45,000 euro, £38,000, or nearly 60,000 USD in today’s money, and that’s not very sportcar-ish. But then the specs of the car are brilliant, and even better than those, are the looks.

The 4C will be powered by Alfa’s 1750 four-cylinder turbo engine developing 230bhp, which doesn’t sound like much but given the kerb weight of just 900 kg, it enables the car to hit 60mph from standing still in just 4.5 seconds. The reason the car is so light is because it is made from a cocktail of aluminum and carbon fiber.

Alfa Romeo 4C is a brilliant coupe, fast and efficient, and when it’s launched it’ll undoubtedly be the best-looking car in its class. Justifying a car’s price tag has never been so easy!

via: Autocar

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