/Seriously? Alfa Romeo 8C General Lee

Seriously? Alfa Romeo 8C General Lee

general lee alfa 8c at Seriously? Alfa Romeo 8C General Lee

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is a quintessentially Italian supercar, a reflection of the brand’s remarkable pedigree and racing heritage. So you’d think, would you not, only the most sophisticated people with great taste in style would ever buy it. Well…

Turns out idiots who like The Dukes of Hazard are also interested in the 8C! I mean look what he’s done to the car for crying out loud. This General Lee paint job has absolutely ruined the car and its reputation.

So the guy’s a fan of the show, that’s fair enough. But this is just wrong. I mean on a bloody Dodge Charger, yes, but an Alfa? Really? And what an Alfa it is. The picture was snapped near Alfa Romeo’s test track in Balocco, Northern Italy. So chances are this is not an aftermarket treatment and Alfa Romeo themselves did it based on the customer’s order.

If I was in charge of Alfa Romeo, I would do whatever it takes to confiscate the car back from the owner, and set it on fire.

picture by trcoff.gr

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