/2013 Mercedes SL Boris Becker Commercial

2013 Mercedes SL Boris Becker Commercial

boris becker mercedes sl at 2013 Mercedes SL Boris Becker Commercial

Mercedes turned to one their biggest fans, tennis legend Boris Becker, for this new SL commercial titled ‘ Voice Over’. Boris is sitting in the passenger seat narrating the ad, and you won’t see him until the very end, but his unmistakable accent is instantly recognizable. The ad boasts the new Mercedes SL’s aluminum body which result in a remarkable weight saving over its predecessor. Boris delivers the message at the end with a smooth line.


Although the new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is even more comfortable and has more assistance systems on-board than its predecessor and therefore does actually sacrifice some of the weight saved through the aluminium bodyshell, the scales show some astonishing figures: the new SL 500 (1.785 kg) weighs around 125 kilograms less than its predecessor. On balance, the SL 350 (1.685 kg) is even 140 kilograms lighter – all thanks to a host of other intelligent enhanced details to reduce weight, which Mercedes-Benz has also implemented in the new SL in addition to the aluminium bodyshell.

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