/2012 Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder eDrive

2012 Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder eDrive

BMW i8 Spyder 12 at 2012 Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder eDrive

BMW i8 Spyder concept makes its world premiere at the Beijing Auto Show, sporting an ‘eDrive’ emblem at the back. This badge will be used from now on for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars from BMW i. It will actually be on every BMW i car, since they only make hybrids and electric cars.

eDrive-powered BMWs share a couple of components, including  the electric motor developed in-house by BMW, the lithium-ion battery, and finally the intelligent motor management system. The hybrids, like the i8,  will also get a gasoline or diesel engine to back the electric motors, while the EVs, like the i3, only rely on the motors.

BMW i8 Spyder 22 at 2012 Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder eDrive

That’s not a necessarily bad thing, seeing as electric motors are capable of generating immense amount of torque, all of which available from a standing start. These cars will have good acceleration, but the top speed might suffer a bit from the lack of HP.

The lithium-ion battery cells and the intelligent motor management system also offer a substantial increase in range and power for the vehicle. Theoretically then, BMW eDrive system should result in dynamic and fun cars to drive.  We will find out soon when the first ‘i’ products -i3 and i8 – finally arrive.

BMW i8 Spyder 32 at 2012 Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder eDrive

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