/Mercedes G-Class “Style” Commercial

Mercedes G-Class “Style” Commercial

G class mud at Mercedes G Class Style Commercial

Another advertisement for the new Mercedes G-Class, and more stress on its off-road capabilities. Unlike the previous one though, this one – called Style – is fantastically clever. The G-Class is indeed a classy car, and very stylish, even if covered completely in mud! What makes it really cool is the fact that a girl is driving this muddy G-Wagen, and I don’t know, but a G-Class, mud and a tall, blonde girl, together they sound really awesome.


The G-Wagen is the car of choice for many female celebrities. Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox, Renne Zellweger,… these are just some of the girls who like the manly look and feel of the big G! Most of them go for the AMG-powered version, because it’s the coolest.

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