/Hot Wheels Pulls Off Double Loop Dare – Video

Hot Wheels Pulls Off Double Loop Dare – Video

double loop Hot Wheels at Hot Wheels Pulls Off Double Loop Dare   Video

After weeks of preparation and practice, Hot Wheels stunt team successfully pulls off its Double Loop Dare at X Games Los Angeles 2012. This double parallel loop stunt saw Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy completing the loop simultaneously without a glitch. Well, sort of simultaneous. Since there was only one exit, Fosut had to start a second or two after Tracy, so they both could use it without running into each other. 

They used some pretty special cars for this event. See how they bounce when they land on the ground? Looks like they have no suspension at all.

So there you go, all that fuss for a 30 second stunt! It was worth it though. This video was released by x Games. Stay tuned for Hot Wheels’ own cut which will be longer and include more angles and behind the scenes footage.

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