/Types of Motorsports that you need to try out

Types of Motorsports that you need to try out

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Growing up watching the F1 races many have dreamed of being Motorsport racers. However, watching the sport did not make you as good as the racers. but that does not mean that there aren’t any Motorsport Racers that you can’t partake in. Today we will give you some of the best less harmful Motor Sport races that you can compete in.

Motorsport races that you can compete in


In order to partake in autocross races, you will need a place to race as well as a helmet. In autocross races, you are trying to set the best time on a racing course, made up of nothing but cones. Many people think this is the easiest type of motor racing there is. In terms of bodily harm, there is virtually none. It is actually more risky to the drive on a public road than to try autocross racing.


Just like autocross braces will need a helmet a place to race as well as a car. Rallycross racing, which inspired some casino games online, is basically autocross racing on dirt it comes with nothing but cones in an open field.to be part of Rallycross racing, you need to also factor in the war and tear of your car. This is as it is being assaulted by the gravel. Just like in autocross racing it’s very hard for one to get injured.

Demolition derby

Unlike the other two races above demolition derby is a bit more dangerous. This is because you

are supposed to avoid hitting people’s driver side doors. Most cases your neck will be sore and

you might break a few bones. However, that does not take the fun out of the race. The demolition derby basically involves crashing into other people’s cars. If you feel that demolition derby is a bit too much for you you can always try a few casino usa online games that have the Moto Racing theme. And to make it more exciting look for games that give you the demolition derby experience.

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