/Video: Mercedes C63 Black at Goodwood FoS

Video: Mercedes C63 Black at Goodwood FoS

C63 Black GFOS at Video: Mercedes C63 Black at Goodwood FoS

One of the attractions of this year’s Goodwood FoS, rather weirdly, was a Mercedes C-Class. It is no ordinary C-Class mind you, it’s the Mercedes C63 Black from AMG’s skunkworks division. Anything with Black Series badge is cool, and this car is no exception. Granted, the aero kit with all the winglets and spoilers make the car look a bit, well, stupid, but the matte black paint job and that 50 cal exhausts noise are more than make up for the C63’s faults.

The source of power in this mad machine is AMG’s 6.3 liter V8 developing more than 550 horsepower. Despite being a sort of stripped out track-focused car, the C63 Black still gets plenty of luxury amenities and an automatic gearbox. The car is also insanely tail happy, which makes it not that good for setting fast lap times, but huge fun for going sideways and fooling around. You wanna set lap times get an M3!

video by Shmee150

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