/Family Feud: 2012 Scirocco Versus Its Ancestor

Family Feud: 2012 Scirocco Versus Its Ancestor

Scirocco shootout at Family Feud: 2012 Scirocco Versus Its Ancestor

The German-speaking Automobile Magazine editor Jason Cammisa goes to Germany once again to put two iconic German cars against each other in an all German test in a nice German town. You know, we think he really likes Germany! Anyhow, the cars in question are the latest 2012 VW Scirroco, and its ancestor, which is the last one sold in the United States, and owned by Jason.

The old car in this test has a 2.0 liter 16-valve engine with 170 horsepower, so it’s plenty fast. Well, it’s fast enough to keep up with the TSI Twin-charged engine in the modern Scirocco.

The engine is actually the weakest point of the 2012 Scirocco. It’s a fabulous car to drive – because it’s a Golf GTI underneath – and it’s stunning to look at, and also rather practical. But that engine, that supercharged/turbocharged engine, feels frankly horrible. No wonder the twin-charged idea never caught on.

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