/2012 Paris: SsangYong e-XIV Concept

2012 Paris: SsangYong e-XIV Concept

SsangYong e XIV Concept 1 at 2012 Paris: SsangYong e XIV Concept

Korean car maker SsangYong keeps making cool looking concept cars, but there is no sign of a single production model based on them. At this year’s Paris Motor Show, they unveiled a new version of their XIV series. It has gone up in the world, and apart from an updated design, it features an electric drivetrain, hence the e-XIV name.

Well, to be more precise, the e-XIV is a range-extended electric car, which means it has its onboard generator in form of a two-cylinder 1,000cc petrol engine. The main source of power is an 80-kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), giving a range of 80km by taking power from the 16-kWh lithium-ion battery.  Four hours are required for charging a fully discharged battery, and 20 minutes for quick recharging.

That whole operation results in no more than 45 g/km CO2 emissions, which is brilliant. But it also means the top speed id only 150 km/h, which is not.

In terms of styling and interior, the car is an evolution of the previous models, what SsangYong calls a CUV Coupe. The car looks very futuristic with its fancy proportions and weird grilles and lights, but the main highlight of it is the high-tech solar cell panel applied to the glass roof. Apart from the obvious benefits, it also gives the car a nicer look. Inside there is a four-bucket-seat configuration to provide comfort and privacy for each passenger. Each seat can be positioned to create a variety of seating combinations and a choice in space utilisation.

Good, SsangYong. Now go make the thing.

SsangYong e XIV Concept 2 at 2012 Paris: SsangYong e XIV Concept
SsangYong e XIV Concept 3 at 2012 Paris: SsangYong e XIV Concept
SsangYong e XIV Concept 4 at 2012 Paris: SsangYong e XIV Concept
SsangYong e XIV Concept 5 at 2012 Paris: SsangYong e XIV Concept

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