/Maserati SUV Won’t Be Called Kubang

Maserati SUV Won’t Be Called Kubang

Maserati Kubang No at Maserati SUV Wont Be Called Kubang

When Maserati confirmed production of their SUV they announced it will be called the Kubang. But after it got mocked on TV by Jeremy Clarkson, they started to think maybe it’s not a good idea. A Maserati should have a cool and lavish name like the recently registered Levante, or at the very least something with some Italian music in it like the Quattroporte. Kubang was just wrong.

So unsurprisingly they decided to ditch it. When the Maser SUV finally arrives, whenever it’s due, it’s going to get a new name. Maserati director of product planning says it was like a working title for a film. As they the car’s story developed they decided it should be called something punchier and more provocative. They haven’t decided on what it would be yet. The car is still some time away from market launch and they have enough time to figure it out.

via Car&Driver

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