/2013 Mercedes S-Class Preview: Intelligent Drive

2013 Mercedes S-Class Preview: Intelligent Drive

S Class preview 1 at 2013 Mercedes S Class Preview: Intelligent Drive

The new generation Mercedes S Class is finally ready, and everybody’s waiting to see what the world’s most advanced car has to offer this time. The S-Class, as you know, has always been the first to come up with new technologies that soon after debut became industry standards. The highlight of the new S-Class’ technologies is all the safety features.

The new S-Class benefits form the “Intelligent Drive” package which includes stuff like new PRE-SAFE and Distronic Plus systems, advanced lighting systems, and super clever drive assistance features. The rear active seat-belt buckle and the beltbag – airbag for rear passengers – are among the other notable new technologies. We can also mention BAS PLUS assistance system with Cross-Traffic Assist.

As you saw in the video – sorry for the German commentary by the way – Mercedes has utilized its high-tech driving simulator in development of the new S-Class. With its 360° screen, fast electric power system and the twelve-metre-long rail for transverse or longitudinal movements, the new “Moving Base” simulator from Mercedes-Benz is the most powerful in the entire car industry. The system has been used to extensively test every new feature, hone and perfect them, before taking the car to the road for the real world tests.

The new S-Class also benefits from a new lighting system, which apart from all the uses it has in terms of safety and driving, it gives the car a new look, which will be carried over to other models in the range in near future:

It is the first vehicle in the world to do without a single light bulb as standard. The lighting’s multi-level functionality is another world first: out of consideration for any road users behind, the intensity of the brake lights is reduced at night-time or while waiting at traffic lights.

S Class preview 2 at 2013 Mercedes S Class Preview: Intelligent Drive

Here is a summary of the new assistance systems and those with notably enhanced functionality:
  • DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assisthelps the driver to guide the vehicle in its lane and can even follow the vehicle in front in slow-moving traffic automatically.
  • For the first time, the Brake Assist system BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist is able to detect cross traffic and also pedestrians, and if necessary boost the braking power applied by the driver accordingly.
  • PRE-SAFE® Brakecan detect pedestrians and initiate autonomous braking to avoid a collision at speeds up to 50 km/h.
  • PRE-SAFE® PLUScan recognise an imminent rear-end collision, prompting the PRE-SAFE® system to trigger occupant protection measures. It can also firmly apply the stationary vehicle’s brakes in the event of a rear-end collision to prevent secondary accidents.
  • With PRE-SAFE® Impulse, the driver and front passenger are pulled away from the direction of impact by their seat belts at an early phase
    of the crash before the resulting occupant deceleration starts to increase. This can substantially reduce the risk and severity of injuries in a frontal collision.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist can detect oncoming traffic and when the adjacent lane is not clear, and prevent the vehicle from leaving its lane unintentionally by applying the brakes on one side.
  • Adaptive Highbeam Assist PLUSallows the main-beam headlamps to be kept on permanently without dazzling traffic by masking out other vehicles in the beams’ cone of light.
  • Night View Assist PLUScan alert the driver to the potential danger posed by pedestrians or animals in unlit areas in front of the vehicle by automatically switching from the speedometer display to a crystal-sharp night view image and highlighting the source of danger. A spotlight function is furthermore able to flash at pedestrians detected ahead.
  • ATTENTION ASSISTcan warn of inattentiveness and drowsiness in an extended speed range and notify the driver of their current state of fatigue and the driving time since the last break, as well as offering an adjustable sensitivity setting.

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