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Top 20 Richest Race Car Drivers

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Ever wondered who are the richest race car drivers in the world, how much money the’re worth and what exactly they drive? Well, we did, so we spent a few days researching and developing a nice Infographics with all the basic info of the top 20 richest race drivers… oh, and yes, Danica Patrick is back… again!

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As always the list is dominated by men, with Formula 1 drivers and ex-Formula 1 drivers in advantage, not only because Michael Schumacher top the top place, but because they outnumber all the other sports. Bear in mind that not all of these guys and gal revenue are coming from racing, but still the majority is.

You can find and download the HD version of this Infographic at the end of the post.

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Download the HD Version of the Infographics (3.7 Mb)

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