/Alfa Romeo 4C Exhaust Noise – Video

Alfa Romeo 4C Exhaust Noise – Video

Alfa 4C Exhaust Noise 545x303 at Alfa Romeo 4C Exhaust Noise   Video

Alfa Romeo 4C is a pure sports car and a large part of a sports car appeal is the way it sounds. Despite having a small and turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the 4C does not disappoint and makes quite a sporty noise even when idling. To hear the car clearly and also take a closer at it inside and out, check out the video after the jump.

So performance-wise, the Alfa 4C is as awesome as we were expecting it to be. But now that we get to see the car in its full glory, we’re not so sure about the styling. It looks unnecessarily exaggerated in places. Those headlights for example are downright ghastly, and the rear-end doesn’t seem right somehow. Still, it’s an artistic design. Maybe we don’t have an artist’s eye!

We do quite like the interior design though. Looks like the designers are done with button-infested dashboards, as we are seeing simple, minimalistic designs like this more and more these days. It’s good.

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