/BMW X4 Concept – First Pictures Leaked

BMW X4 Concept – First Pictures Leaked

BMW X4 Concept Leaked 1 545x338 at BMW X4 Concept   First Pictures Leaked

Just out of the blue the first official pictures of the new BMW X4 crossover leak onto the web. Having enjoyed an enormous success with the X6 sport activity vehicle, BMW has been toying with the idea of a smaller, cheaper, and more economical version of that car for years. Looks like this time they are pulling the trigger as the X4 is all set for a 2014 market launch.

Shown here in concept form, the BMW X4 will be based on the X3’s chassis, which means it will be brilliant on the road, but not very good off it. That is alright, of course, seeing as nobody in their right minds would buy such a vehicle for off-road expedition.

BMW X4 Concept Leaked 4 545x408 at BMW X4 Concept   First Pictures Leaked

Design-wise, the X4 looks very similar to the 3 Series F30 sedan, with a touch of 4 Series coupe. But the main highlight of the exterior remains the curvatious roof and the tailgate, derived from the X6. it’s ironic that the best design features of this car – roofline and tailgate – are also its biggest flaws, as they result in cramped rear passenger compartment and a small boot. Then again, this is a trendy vehicle for posers not a grocery getter for soccer moms.

Now that the beans are spilled we can expect the official materials to be released soon. We can also expect a premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show.

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