/Alfa Romeo 4C – Technical Specs

Alfa Romeo 4C – Technical Specs

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As we get closer to the launch of the long-waited Alfa Romeo 4C, the Italian car maker releases further information on the car’s amazing technical specs. The 4C is everything a true petrolhead would ever want in a car. It is Italian; it has two seats; a gorgeous design; light weight; rear drive; turbo engine; rather affordable price; and above all, it’s an Alfa.

The 4C features a carbon fibre monocoque like that of super and racing cars, weighing only 65 kg. The whole thing weighs 895 kg, which is astonishing for a sports car. Thanks to its lightness, the 4C is fast, agile, and efficient.

Besides carbon, Alfa 4C also relies on aluminum for a combination of lightness and stiffness. Aluminium in the hybrid-type front brake discs with aluminium bell and cast iron ring gear also reduced weight by up to 2kg per disc, in addition to providing better braking. It is also used in the roof reinforcement cage and the front and rear frameworks. Meanwhile the bumpers and other body panels are made from PUR-RIM (injected polyurethane).

Power comes from a mid-mounted 1750 Turbo Petrol engine with direct injection and aluminium block, developing 240 horsepower. That is the beauty of this car. It proves that you don’t need mega power to have fun. The engine sends its output to the rear wheels via an “ALFA TCT” twin dry clutch transmission and the Alfa D.N.A. selector with the brand-new Race mode. A manual would be great, but they don’t offer it.

The combination of light weight, compact size, a well-sorted chassis with sport suspension, and a sporty and excitable engine guarantees an unforgettable driving experience. Well, at last on paper. The car has a pretty spartan cabin and not many luxury amenities, so it better be good to drive. Still, you can just enjoy looking at it, so…

Alfa Romeo will initially produce 1,000 4Cs a year at their Modena facility. There are some rumors that in future they are going to offer Spider and Stradale versions of the car as well. Each production 4C is road-tested for 40 km by an experienced test-driver before being delivered to the customer.



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