/Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle Unveiled

Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle Unveiled

Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle 1 600x399 at Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle Unveiled

Alfa is using the 4C’s hype to the max, trying to sell some of their other ideas along with it. One of these ideas is this IFD Bicycle, designed by the same people who did the car and produced by Italian manufacturer Compagnia Ducale.

Now, it might seem that Alfa is encouraging people to get out of their cars and use the bicycle instead. But the fact of the matter of is, this bicycle is more a luxury good than anything with real world use, as a range topping version costs a whopping 9,000 Euro.

They also make cheaper versions for markets like Asia, which start from 3,500 Euro. We are not big bicycle guys, but that still sounds like an awful lot of money for something that has two wheels and no engine.

On the upside, Alfa Romeo 4C bicycle is a thing of beauty featuring a carbon fiber frame just like the celebrated sports car, and a juicy red paint work. Plus, it allows you those who may never afford an Alfa car taste some of that lavish lifestyle.

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