/Alfa Romeo 4C to Get New Variants

Alfa Romeo 4C to Get New Variants

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Now that the standard Alfa Romeo 4C is finally ready to be launched, the Italian car maker has started working on a couple of different variants of the car. At least that is what the latest report from within the Fiat Group suggests. They say there is a Targa, a Stardale, and a Racing edition of the 4C in the works.

That Targa will, obviously, be an open-top version of the car, adding to its visual drama and the sense of sheer driving pleasure that the standard 4C delivers in spades. This model is also said to be getting a set of proper headlights rather than those hideous and unfathomable rubbish currently used on the standard car.

The 4C Stradale will be the long-rumored hard-core and sporty version of the Alfa, featuring 30 more horsepower than the base model, up to 270. Not sure how they are going to make that 4C lighter than it already is at 895 kg, but the Staradale will certainly try. The launch of that model will pave the way for a racing version of the car which could star in its own one-make series.

To be honest we would be happier to see that standard version of the Alfa Romeo 4C produced in greater quantity and available at a more affordable price. Those new variants sound to us more like a marketing exercise to try and milk the car’s hype.

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